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Corner of tab Watershed Monitoring

Mission & Goal of the Watershed Monitoring Program


Mission Statement

The mission of the Integrated Water Resource Monitoring Network is to establish and maintain an integrated network in order to monitor Florida’s surface and ground water, using water quality measurements, aquatic biology, sediments and other pertinent aquatic media in an efficient, systematic and scientifically defensible manner.


The goal of the IWRM Network is to provide scientifically defensible, statewide data and information on the important chemical, physical, and pertinent biological characteristics of water for the major surface water bodies, the major aquifer systems, and the coastal waters of the state. Data on sediments will also be analyzed from certain surface water resources. The information generated by the integrated network is to be the basis for reporting and advising relevant Departmental and other governmental agencies on the status and trends of Florida’s water quality.

For more information on the original IWRM program, go to the "Integrated Water Resource Monitoring Efforts and the Design Plan of the Status Network" document.

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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