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Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council (FWRMC) Meetings

Upcoming Meetings of the Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

  • There are no currently scheduled meetings.

Materials from 2015 Meetings of the Florida Water Resource Monitoring Council

Full Council Meetings



Meeting Materials

September 9, 2015 Temple Terrace

Available Soon!

  • Agenda
  • Day One Meeting Report - Water Quality Resources Restoration Efforts in Florida
January 21-22, 2015 Tallahassee
  • Agenda
  • Day One Meeting Report - Continuous Monitoring in Florida: A forum for sharing challenges, use of emerging technology, and successes related to continuous monitoring initiatives.
  • Day Two Meeting Report - Workgroup Updates and Council Business


Catalog Workgroup Meeting Materials

Salinity Workgroup Meeting Materials

Workgroup Update Webinars

Note: For information or materials from previous years meetings of the Water Resources Monitoring Council, please see our meeting archive.






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