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Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

The FWRMC (Council) is a council of stakeholders from many disciplines and organizations that participate in water resource monitoring and management. Water resources consist of surface waters and groundwater, and include both marine and fresh water. The Council will compile and disseminate information about hydrological, chemical, physical and biological properties associated with Florida’s waters. The current Council (restarted in 2011) has been broadened to inform, plan, and ultimately coordinate Florida water resources monitoring efforts at the state, local, and federal levels. Council authority for statewide coordination and cooperation are described in Chapter 373.026(3), Florida Statutes.

The mission of the current Council is to build on projects summarized in an action plan  developed by the 2006-2008 FWRMC, as well as create a statewide organizational structure outlined in its accompanying oversight document. The plan includes specific projects to develop a monitoring catalog, coordinate monitoring efforts at all levels of government and among other entities, and integrate freshwater and coastal networks. The Council also plans to provide input to development of the Florida STORET replacement project.

The Council proposes to develop its projects and statewide structure with the expertise of its members, partners, and ad hoc committees. The Council will leverage its efforts with concurrent and convergent projects of its members and partners, thereby conserving fiscal and human resources. The ultimate outcome is to improve the quality and efficiency of monitoring activities in Florida. This will assure that water managers are informed with the best science available as they make comprehensive decisions regarding the protection and preservation of Florida’s water resources in the 21st century.


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Statewide Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

Monitoring Action Plan

Monitoring-Coordination Action Plan (pdf - 358 KB)

DEAR Response to Action Plan (pdf - 46 KB)

Recommendations - Oversight Structure (pdf - 120 KB)

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