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 Watershed Monitoring  Highlights

Challenges for Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

Historic Charges to Council

  • Develop water resource metadata standards for adoption by state agencies.
  • Support development of a replacement for STORET for sharing WQ data.
  • Coordinate Florida's ongoing fresh water monitoring with new coastal monitoring network.
  • Coordinate Florida's state monitoring efforts with local and federal monitoring programs.

Council Vision

The vision of the Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council is to support the protection, preservation, conservation, management, and restoration of water resources throughout the State of Florida by fostering communication, cooperation, collaboration and coordination among all water resource data collection entities.  We strive to build relationships that facilitate data and resource sharing to reduce redundancy and ensure efficiency and effectiveness, and to increase data comparability among all Florida monitoring entities, ensuring that data and metadata are available to all users.  We remain committed to following the highest ethical standards to assure the scientific and legal defensibility of the data that are collected by Council affiliates and stakeholders.  We will continue to seek the most efficient water resource monitoring technologies available to promote cost effectiveness, high data quality, and data integrity, and stay abreast of new technologies, as well as emerging water resource issues, to ensure that we meet future monitoring objectives throughout the state. 

Data Challenges

  • Provide data/information that can be shared with others.
  • Collect data that can be combined with that from other programs.
  • Adopt means to distinguish data that is appropriate for the users purposes (metadata)

Program Challenges

  • Identify and describe present monitoring programs
  • Identify where monitoring goals are sufficiently similar to allow coordination of efforts
  • Identify if monitoring programs are sufficiently similar that coordination offers a cost benefit
  • To fill gaps in monitoring, determine where expansion of existing programs is more cost effective than adding new programs

Topics of Interest for 2015 and Beyond






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Last updated: November 19, 2015

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