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Book cover for the Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council's "Briefing Book 2015"Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council (FWRMC)

The FWRMC (Council) promotes information sharing among stakeholders that participate in monitoring efforts and management for marine waters, fresh surface waters, and groundwater in Florida.  Council members include members of state, local, and federal organizations.  By fostering communication, cooperation and collaboration, the Council is working to:

  • coordinate water resource data collection in a way that reduces redundant data;
  • improve data sharing by increasing data comparability among member agencies, affiliates and stakeholders;
  • provide input into the proposed replacement for the Florida STORET data repository;
  • improve the scientific and legal defensibility of collected data;
  • compile and disseminate data concerning the hydrological, chemical, physical and biological properties of Floridaís waters; and
  • ensure that water managers have the best science available for decision making.

More details on the Councilís history, governance and projects can be found in the FWRMC Briefing Book 2015.

Upcoming Meetings of the Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council

For additional information on our meetings, including downloads of meeting materials, please see our FWRMC Meetings page.

  • There are no currently scheduled meetings.

FWRMC Workgroups

Salinity Network Workgroup

Catalog of Florida Monitoring Programs Workgroup

Adverse Events Response Plan Workgroup






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Last updated: September 19, 2016

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