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Corner of tab  The Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project

Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Basin Map The Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project

The Peace River in west central Florida flows from the Green Swamp south to Charlotte Harbor through one of the most fragmented and extensively modified regions of the State. The river serves as a critical environmental connection to numerous isolated habitats along its route and provides habitat for a wide variety of birds, fish, and wildlife. The Peace River is also an important component of the hydrologic system in this portion of the State: it drains a basin of approximately 2,350 square miles, serves as a major source of fresh water for agriculture, industry, and municipalities along its 105-mile length, and plays a vital role in the productivity of the estuarine waters of Charlotte Harbor.

In its inventory of lands disturbed by phosphate mining prior to July 1, 1975, Zellars-Williams, Inc. (1980) recommended restoration of several sub-basins of the Peace River that had been heavily impacted by mining. In addition to mining impacts, agriculture, silviculture, and urbanization have also had major impacts in the region. Numerous initiatives to restore and enhance the ecological and hydrological functions of the Peace River watershed have been or are currently being conducted, including several by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Southwest Florida Water Management District, the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, and the U.S. Geologic Survey, among others.

These programs include: development of the Southern Water Use Caution Area Recovery Strategy, establishment of Minimum Flows and Levels, establishment of Total Maximum Daily Loads, development of Basin Management Action Plans, completion of the Peace River Cumulative Impact Study, development of the Watershed Management Program, and the creation of the Peace River Basin Resource Management Plan. The focus of the Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project is on the Saddle Creek sub-basin at the extreme northern end of the Peace River basin, one of the river’s nine sub-basins significantly impacted by phosphate mining and urbanization.

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