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Reclamation and Mitigation of the Upper Peace River Watershed at the Tenoroc Fish Management Area Task I: Restoration Approach and Identification of Work Elements (BCI ~ 6/1/2000)

The overall objective of the Task I Report was to examine the possibilities in restoring the original hydrological and ecological connections that originally existed in the Upper Saddle Creek. The Task I report summarizes four potential restoration alternatives for the Tenoroc Fish Management Area (FMA). Conceptual restoration plans have been developed and evaluated to determine how well they meet the project objectives. This report represents a cooperative effort by members of the project team, with significant review and input from the DEP staff and representatives of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC).

Hydrologic Investigation of the Phosphate Mined Upper Saddle Creek Watershed, West-Central Florida (USF ~ 5/2002)

Study perform by the University of South Florida, College of Engineering; and funded by the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research and Florida Department of Transportation. The Study developed a far-field model of the upper Peace River system and a near-field model encompassing the Saddle Creek basin. Three-year data collection was used to calibrate the models for the purpose of investigating wetland restoration alternatives at the Tenoroc Fish Management Area.

Restoration Plan Summary for the Reclamation and Mitigation of the Upper Peace River Watershed at the Tenoroc Fish Management Area ( BCI ~ 11/21/03)

The report contains descriptions of the processes used to evaluate and select restoration alternatives.

Water Quality Monitoring Plan

The report contains plan description, sampling parameters, sampling results, and summary and recommendations though 2003. The plan has now been expaned to include additional staff gages, pizometers, flow gages, and sampling points to accomodate the North Lake Parker Wetlands, Bridgewater Tract Lakes, and Williams Tract inflows to Tenoroc FMA.

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