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Oil and Gas Program

Photo of a oil wellheadThe Oil and Gas Program (Chapter 377, Florida Statutes and Rules 62C-25 through 30, Florida Administrative Code) is the permitting authority within the the Department's Mining and Minerals Regulation Program. Companies interested in exploration or production of hydrocarbons in Florida are regulated by the Oil and Gas Program. Primary responsibilities of the Program include conservation of oil and gas resources, correlative rights protection, maintenance of health and human safety, and environmental protection. These concerns are addressed through a system of permits and field inspections to insure compliance.

Key activities include permitting geophysical operations, (usually seismic prospecting), and drilling or operating wells (all separate permits), and tracking activities through use of a computer database. All permitted activities are inspected by Oil and Gas staff. Two field offices facilitate these inspections. The offices are located near Florida's productive oil fields in northwest (Jay) and south (Ft. Myers) Florida.

Decisions regarding non-routine well spacing, production allowables, field unitization, and sensitive environments often lead to controversy since they invariably affect sensitive issues such as correlative rights or the environment. It is crucial that these decisions be technically and scientifically well-founded. Therefore, expert input from petroleum engineers, petroleum geologists, and various scientific disciplines from other governmental agencies are included in the permitting process.

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