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Oil and Gas Forms


The Oil and Gas Forms are available in Adobe pdf and Word 6.0 format and should be printed on 8.5" x 14" (legal) paper.   The Adobe pdf forms can be opened with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe site.  For more information regarding the Oil and Gas forms, please contact Ed Garrett.  

*The Adobe pdf's have been created with fields and by using your tab key you can tab from space to space to enter your data. You will then need to print the form sign it and return to the Florida Geological Survey.

Form and Rule


File Format*

Form 1 Rule 62C-25.008 Organization Report Adobe pdf Word
Form 2 Rule 62C-25.008 Plugging and Site Restoration. Performance Bond for Single Well Adobe pdf Word
Form 2A Rule 62C-25.008 Performance Bond for Multiple Wells Adobe pdf Word
Form 2B Rule 62C-25.008 & 62C-26.-002(b) Irrevocable Letter of Credit for Single Well or Geophysical Permit Adobe pdf Word
Form 3 Rules 62C-25.008, -25.006, -25.003 & -25.001 Application for Permit to Drill Adobe pdf Word
Form 3A Rule 62C-25.008 Notice of Change of Operator Adobe pdf Word
Form 4 Rule 62C-26.007 Application for Permit to Perform Geophysical Exploration Adobe pdf Word
Form 5 Rule 62C-26.002 Performance Bond for Geophysical Exploration Adobe pdf Word
Form 5A Rules 62C-26.002 & -26.007 Rider to Cover Geophysical Operations Adobe pdf Word
Form 7 Rule 62C-26.007(8) Notice of Completion Geophysical Operation Adobe pdf Word
Form 8 Rule 62C-25.008 Well Record Adobe pdf Word
Form 9 Rule 62C-25.008 Well Completion Report (First Production or Retest Report) Adobe pdf Word
Form 10 Rule 62C-28.004(1) Monthly Well Production and Test Report Adobe pdf Word
Form 10A Rule 62C-28.004(1) Monthly Injection Well Report Adobe pdf Word
Form 11 Rule 62C-28.004 Monthly Producer's Natural Gas Report Adobe pdf Word
Form 12 Rule 62C-28.004 Producer's Report of Condensate Produced From Gas Wells Adobe pdf Word
Form 13 Rule 62C-25.008 Monthly Transporters and Storers Report ( 2 pages) Adobe pdf Word
Form 14 Rule 62C-26.008 Application for Permit to Operate Well / Request for Recertification Adobe pdf Word
Form 16 Rule 62C-29 Notice of Plugging Completion and Site Restoration Adobe pdf Word


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Last updated: August 08, 2013

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