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Mandatory Nonphosphate - Limestone, Shell, and Dolomite Mine Reclamation Program


The program oversees reclamation of lands disturbed by the mining of limestone, shell, or dolomite which are subject to the reclamation standards. It is also responsible for wetlands resource, management and storage of surface waters, and environmental resources permits at mines.

Extracted material from these mines consist of predominately calcium or magnesium carbonate. This can include mines that also extract sand or other materials, but the predominate material by volume is calcium or magnesium carbonate.

What is the geology of the limestone, shell, and dolomite formations?

How is limestone, shell, and dolomite used?

How do you determine which mines are subject to the reclamation standards?

Where are the mines that must meet reclamation standards?

What are the reclamation program regulations for limestone, shell and dolomite mines?

What are the reporting requirements?

What are the forms for the program?

Technical Information Document (Coming Soon!)- Provides information that may be helpful in guiding reclamation and restoration of highly disturbed areas, such as:

General Vegetation List for Limestone, Shell, and Dolomite Mines

Use of Explosives at Mines

Sheer Wall Design Standards

Shoreline Design Standards for Limestone, Shell, and Dolomite Mines

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