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Mining and Mitigation

The Mining and Mitigation Program is responsible for the administration of reclamation and wetland resource permitting programs, as authorized by Part II of Chapter 211, Part IV of Chapter 373, and Parts II & III of Chapter 378, Florida Statutes, and set forth in Title 62, Florida Administrative Code. These rules address the reclamation and wetland resource permitting on lands disturbed by the extraction of mineral resources, such as phosphate, limestone, dolomite, shell, heavy minerals, fullerís earth, peat, clay, gravel, and sand, and the direct participation of other agencies in the regulatory process.

Other Mining & Mitigation Related Activities at DEP Include

  • Mine Safety - Provides federally mandated MSHA safety and health training throughout the state, as requested by mine operators and mining contractors. This program has been moved to the Florida Public Safety Institute (FPSI) at Tallahassee Community College. To schedule training, or for more information, please call Karen Miller at (850) 201-7689.
  • Dam Safety - Dam Safety in Florida is regulated through several rules, which vary by activity and location. The coordination of these regulations is through the Mining and Minerals Regulation Program.
  • Phosphogypsum Management - Regulates (permitting, compliance, enforcement) the design, construction, operation and maintenance of phosphogypsum stack systems.
  • Nonmandatory Reimbursement - Provides funding for the reclamation of eligible phosphate lands mined before July 1975.

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Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project

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