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Corner of tabManagement Plan for the Integrated Habitat Network / Coordinated Development Area: Lease Nos. 3963, 3995, and 4236





Page First
BMP Best Management Practice 9
BMR Bureau of Mining and Minerals Regulation (Division of Water Resource Management) 4
BOT Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund 5
CDA Coordinated Development Area  5
Coastal Settlement Coastal Petroleum Litigation Settlement Agreement 5
Cytec Cytec Brewster Phosphates, Inc. 8
DEP Department of Environmental Protection 4
DHR Division of Historical Resources (Department of State) 14
DOT Department of Transportation 7
DRP Division of Recreation and Parks (Department of Environmental Protection) 6
DSL  Division of State Lands (Department of Environmental Protection) 5
DWRM Division of Water Resource Management (Department of Environmental Protection) 5
FFWCC  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 7
FIPR Florida Institute of Phosphate Research 23
FNAI  Florida Natural Areas Inventory 15
FPC Florida Power Corporation 10
FS Florida Statute 4
GIS/GPS Global Information System/Global Positioning System 8
IFAS Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences ( University of Florida ) 23
IHN Integrated Habitat Network 5
IMC IMC Phosphates Company 8
Jahna E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc. 11
MLRC Mined Lands Agricultural Research and Education Center 23
MOA Memorandum of Agreement 21
Mobil Mobil Mining and Minerals Company 8
Mosaic Mosaic Phosphates, Inc. 9
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service ( U.S. Department of Agriculture) 21
PCE Perpetual Conservation Easement 7
PRCIS/RMP Peace River Cumulative Impact Study/Resource Management Plan 7
SWFWMD Southwest Florida Water Management District 7
TFMA Tenoroc Fish Management Area 7
USGS U.S. Geological Service  20

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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