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Corner of tabMining and Minerals Regulation

Contact Information

Bureau Office

Marjane Monahan Administrative Assistant III for  Bureau Chief
Linda Henderson Operations Management Consultant I 
John Stanton System Analyst
Program Management and Evaluation
Lisa Robertson Environmental Administrator
Martin Figueroa Computer Operator I
Braulio Fernandez Environmental Specialist II
Jorge Lagos Engineer IV
Vacant Operations Analyst I
Nicole Tonacca Staff Assistant
Financial Section
Barbara Owens Audit Administrator
Danny NeSmith Senior Contract Auditor
Sara Davis Grants Specialist V

Environmental Resources  (Homeland Office)

Marisa Rhian Environmental Administrator
David Arnold Environmental Specialist I
Casey Beaver Environmental Specialist II 
Charles Cook Environmental Specialist II 
Jonathan (“Jack”) Jordan Engineer III
Vacant Environmental Specialist II 
Cheryl Whitney Staff Assistant

Mandatory Nonphosphate

Howard Hayes Program Administrator
Arlene Acevedo Staff Assistant
David Adams Environmental Specialist III  - Fuller's Earth, Heavy Minerals and Peat Mines
Dennis Tyus Environmental Specialist II - Northwest District Mines
Angela Bozeman Environmental Specialist I
Lou Neuman Environmental Specialist III - Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Clay, and Other Resources 
Alan Whitehouse Environmental Specialist III - Limestone, Shell and Dolomite Mines

Mandatory Phosphate

Orlando Rivera Program Administrator 
Jessica Duke Environmental Specialist III
Deborah Fiesler Environmental Specialist III 
Christine Keenan Environmental Specialist III
Michael A. Love Engineering Technician I
Vacant Staff Assistant
Matt Wilson Environmental Specialist II

Oil and Gas Program

Ed Garrett Professional Geologist/Administrator
Levi Sciara Engineering Specialist IV
Vacant Staff Assistant
Steve Spencer Professional Geologist II
Dave Taylor Engineer II
Paul Attwood Professional Geologist I (Ft. Myers Field Office)
Pierre Bruno Environmental Specialist III (Ft. Myers Field Office)
John Leccese Engineer Specialist IV (Jay Field Office)
David McCarthy Environmental Specialist II (Jay Field Office)

Phosphate Management Program

Vishwas Sathe Program Administrator 
George W. Sharrock Environmental Manager
Vikki Andrews Staff Assistant
Jacquelyn M. Champion Environmental Specialist III
Andy Chupka Professional Engineer III
Gordon P. D'Abreu Engineer Specialist II
Melani Dickenson Environmental Specialist II
Brian Irsch Engineer Specialist I
Scott Rose Engineer Specialist I
Vacant Engineer IV
Robert K. Vanderslice Professional Engineer III

Technical Section

Dr. Owete S. Owete Professional Engineer/Program Administrator 
Tracy Freiwald Professional Geologist II
Greg Henderson Professional Geologist II
Stanley Inabinet Engineer IV

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