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Corner of tab Ground Water Management Program

Water Well Construction Program

The Department of Environmental Protection (Department) regulates water well contractor licensing and water well permitting and construction, as authorized by Chapter 373, Part III, Florida Statutes, Regulation of Wells. Any person engaging in the business of water well contracting must be a Florida-licensed water well contractor to construct, repair, or abandon a water well within the State of Florida.

Well: as defined by statute means: ď..any excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed when the intended use of such excavation is for the location, acquisition, development, or artificial recharge of groundwater, but such term does not include any well for the purpose of obtaining or prospecting for oil, natural gas, minerals, or products of mining or quarrying; for inserting media to dispose of oil brines or to repressure oil-bearing or natural gas-bearing formation; for storing petroleum, natural gas, or other products; or for temporary dewatering of subsurface formations for mining, quarrying, or construction purposes.

Delineated areas in Florida

Ground Water Delineation Program

Delineate: To indicate or represent by drawn lines.

Florida's extensive ground water resources serve as the drinking water source for 90% of the stateís 14 million people and 42 million annual visitors. These water resources are vulnerable to contamination because large areas are characterized by well-drained sandy soils overlying porous limestone. A shallow water table and high rainfall increase the potential for contamination to reach the ground water. These factors in combination exacerbate the threat of contamination to the quality of ground water resources and, in turn, to the quality and safety of drinking water. The DEPís primary responsibility in the implementation of chapter 62-524 has been the delineation of areas of ground water contamination and the corresponding development of maps identifying those areas.

Water Management DistrictsWater Well Contractor Licensing and Permitting

The Department manages the well construction program in close coordination with the five state regional water management districts (WMDs).  

Northwest Florida Water Management District

Suwannee River Water Management District

St. John River Water Management District

Southwest Florida Water Management District

South Florida Water Management District

As required by statute, the Department delegates authority to the WMDs to implement a program for water well contractor licensing and issuance of permits for the location, construction, repair, and abandonment of water wells. The WMDs adopt into their rules the Departments rules regulating water well construction. The WMDs are the delegated authority to issue water well contractor licenses and permits for the location, construction, repair, and abandonment of water wells.
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Water Well Contractor Continuing Education Requirements

Any person applying for a water well contractor license or for license renewal must complete 12 hours of approved coursework hours for continuing education unit (CEU) credits as required by ss 373.323 and 373.324, F.S. and Chapter 62-531, F.A.C.. Applicants are required to submit copies of their certificates of attendance from the course provider to the Administrator of the Florida Water Well Contractor Continuing Education Program for approval and posting to the CEU Program website: www.flwwceu.org. A minimum of six approved coursework hours must be related to water well construction practices and applicable water well construction rules. No more than six approved coursework hours may be related to safety and business practices. The applicant may not accrue more than three CEUs from an approved Internet coursework website. The Water Well Contractor Continuing Education Program Manual, (Effective 6/22/14), provides the standards, responsibilities, and requirements for the administration and implementation of the Water Well Education Program (CE Program).

Florida Unique Well Identification Program

The Florida Unique Well Identification (FLUWID) Program provides a means to simplify the identification and exchange of water well information between state agencies and other interested parties. Under the program, water wells are assigned a unique alphanumeric code called the FLUWID ID (example: AAA0000). The alphanumeric code is printed on a weather resistant adhesive tag/label and attached to a wellhead or pump house to identify a well. The FLUWID ID serves as the primary water well identification number, which enables different state water well databases to be cross referenced for information such as well construction permits, well completion reports, and water quality sampling testing results.

Water Well Construction Rules, Forms, and Reference Documents

Water Well Contractor Information Clearinghouse

The statewide Water Well Contractor Information Clearinghouse (WWCIC) was established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in conjunction with the water management districts as required by ss 373.335, Florida Statutes. The WWCIC is a database designed to allow easy access to information on all Florida licensed water well contractors. The clearinghouse includes a statewide listing of licensed water well contractors, their license number and contact information.

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Last updated: November 17, 2016

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