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Aquifer Protection Program


The Aquifer Protection Program is responsible for implementation and support of regulatory programs affecting ground water and wells. The basis for prevention of ground water contamination is the rule that establishes Floridaís ground water standards, Chapter 62-520, FAC., which also provides ground water permitting and monitoring requirements in support of these standards. The DEP permitting programs incorporate these requirements into facility construction and operating permits.

Additional ground water rules include Chapter 62-528, F.A.C., which regulates disposal through underground injection wells, Chapter 62-521, F.A.C, which establishes a statewide wellhead protection program, and Chapter 62-524, F.A.C., which provides guidelines for construction of new drinking water wells in areas of delineated ground water contamination. Two additional rules, Chapter 62-531, F.A.C. and Chapter 62-532, F.A.C. provide oversight of water well contractors and water well permitting.

The following rules form the basis for DEPís Ground Water Regulatory Program

Aquifer Protection Programs Include

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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