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Corner of tab Aquifer Protection Program

The Florida Unique Well Identification Program


The Florida Unique Well Identification (FLUWID) Program provides a means to simplify the identification and exchange of water well information between state agencies and other interested parties. Under the program, water wells are assigned a unique alphanumeric code called the FLUWID ID (example: AAA0000). The alphanumeric code is printed on a weather resistant adhesive tag/label and attached to a wellhead or pump house for identification. The FLUWID ID serves as the primary water well identification number which enables different state agency water well databases to be cross referenced and queried. The FLUWID ID is meant to be used in conjunction with any other numbering identification scheme such as the permit numbering system for water well construction or ID numbers for water well samples).

The FLUWID Coordinator maintains the FLUWID Program Database (database). The database records the agency that is issued FLUWID tags, the date of issuance, DGPS coordinates and other well information. The primary function of the database is to simply water well data inquires by directing all request to the party issued the FLUWID tags. The database is not a repository for all water well historical data.

The FLUWID Program is not mandated by law, but instead implemented voluntarily to facilitate water well data collection. To date approximately 150,000 wells have been tagged throughout the state.

Last updated: August 20, 2015

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