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Surface Water Requirements


Systems using surface water or ground water under the influence of surface water as a source must meet certain requirements in addition to those applicable to all public drinking water systems. These requirements are found in Chapters 62-550, F.A.C. , Chapter 62-555, F.A.C., and the federal regulations. The applicable regulations are accessible through the links listed below.

The federal Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment rule (LT1ESWTR) became effective on February 10, 2002. In November 2003, the State adopted the federal LT1ESWTR, found in 40 CFR Subpart T.

Also included below are links to the Filter Backwash Recycling Rule worksheets referenced in rule 62-550.817, F.A.C.

  • Form 62-555.900(2) (1183 KB)

    Available in MS Excel (xslm) format: Office 2007 or later is recommended

This is the official form adopted in September, 2004. Systems required to complete this form must do so monthly and submit it electronically to the Department. Instructions for filling out the form may be found in the Compliance Manual.

A revised surface water treatment plant Monthly Operating Report (MOR) is now available. The changes reflect the Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT1SWTR), adopted January 1, 2005. The treatment technique requirements for systems under 10,000 are now essentially the same as larger systems: combined filter effluent (CFE) turbidity of 95% of finished turbidity samples for the month must be 0.3 NTU or less, with a never exceed limit of 1. Any exceedances over 1 NTU must be reported to the Department within 24 hours.

Also, an automated TOC reporting page has been added to facilitate TOC reporting. This page is an optional format, i.e., systems may choose it in lieu of previous paper reporting formats. Again, it is hoped that automating the form will simplify data entry and compliance evaluation.

Subpart H systems using conventional filtration treatment still must submit the quarterly TOC summary reports required under FAC 62-555.821(12)(d).

Comprehensive Surface Water Treatment Rules Quick Reference Guides

40 CFR 141.2

40CFR141.13 (50 KB)

40CFR141.22 (48 KB)

Regulations from Subpart H (134 KB)

Regulations from Subpart P (78 KB)

Regulations from Subpart T (71 KB)

June 8, 2001 Federal Register, pages 31104-05 (40 KB)

January 14, 2002 Federal Register, pages 1836-1838 (47 KB)

Filter Backwash Recycling Rule Worksheets

Disinfectant Contact Time Compliance Report Worksheet (60 kb)

Surface Water Treatment Rulemaking

The Department is incorporating minor revisions relating to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (IESWTR) and Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT1ESWTR) into the Department's drinking water rules in Chapter 62-550 and into DEP Form 62-555.900(2).  The adoption of the revised rules and form was in September 2004.  The link to the form appears above.  The revised Chapter 62-550 is posted at the DEP web site.  The Compliance Manual referenced in the rule amendments is accessible via the link below.


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