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Data sites and sources, both the departmentís and those of other agencies, that can be followed to review available water data on a variety of subjects in a variety of formats and, in some cases, to manipulate and download the data.

Please note that many of these data sources are quite large and include a variety of analytical applications and GIS mapping tools that may not function well over a standard modem connection. Some sites, however, include reports and other information that can be downloaded using a standard modem.

Note:  The Department of Environmental Protection is not liable for the use of any data obtained through this site or for any conclusions drawn by other parties based on this data.

Beaches and Coastal Systems - Read the explanation of beach and coastal system data.

  • Beach Erosion Control Project Monitoring - Available from an external server over which DEP has no control.
  • Reconnaissance Offshore Sand Search - Database stores information about sand samples, including the relevant project, sand grain size, color range, and specific location.
  • Regional Coastal Monitoring Database - Data relate to the department's regional data collection and processing plan, with data collected from four coastal regions in Florida. Information on each of the data subsets identified below is available on this main page. There also are links on the right-hand side of the page to aerial photography and videography, monument tabulation, profile data, and interactive web mapping, and other information sources.

Drinking Water Data - Includes reports about "Public Water Systems" in Florida, including the type of system, address, treatment capacity, sources of water, population served and number of service connections, and data related to biological and chemical testing.

Environmental Resource Permitting

Florida STORET Water Quality Data Warehouse - A warehouse containing all water quality, biological, and physical data collected in Florida that is loaded to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Modernized STORET database.

GIS Land Use and Related Data

  • GeoData Directory - A directory of all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map coverages available from the department; includes links to a variety of GIS data.
  • Map Direct Gateway- Gateway provides access to most of the department's Internet mapping websites. It is a tool that allows dynamic access to maps and other geographically-oriented data applications.
  • GeoSpatial Resources Index - A searchable index of web mapping applications, static maps, and geodatasets.

Ground Water

  • Source Water Assessment - The Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) is devoted to evaluating potential threats to Florida's "Public Water Systems" and providing the state and local governments tools to make decisions to better protect those systems. This site allows you to search for source water assessment information on each public water system, by county.
  • Water Well Contractors Information and Violations Clearinghouse - Database to access information on all Florida-licensed water well contractors.

Mine Reclamation

  • Integrated Habitat Network - Information, including GIS mapping applications, on the Integrated Habitat Network, a component of Florida's Statewide Greenways Plan. The IHN includes lands that benefit water quality and quantity and serve as upland habitat connections between the Southwest Florida mining regionís rivers and significant environmental features outside the mining region.
  • Bishop Harbor Monitoring Program - Data related to water quality in Bishop Harbor (Tampa Bay area) as it relates to management of the Piney Point site.
  • Non-Mandatory Reimbursement - GIS mapping information on the status of reclamation of phosphate lands mined before July 1975, when reclamation was not required by Florida law.
  • Mandatory Nonphosphate Mining - GIS Information on the reclamation of mined land and the protection of water resources at mines extracting heavy minerals, fuller's earth, limestone, dolomite & shell, gravel, sand, dirt, clay, peat, and other solid resources, excluding phosphate.
  • Mandatory Phosphate Mining - GIS Information on the status of reclamation of phosphate lands mined after July 1975, when reclamation became mandatory under Florida law.

Operator Certification License Search - Database application to search, by last name or license number, for the status of certified operators of drinking water and domestic wastewater treatment facilities in Florida.

Permits & Applications Under Review - Database application that allows permit applicants and other interested parties access to permit applications currently under review by the department--includes waste and air permit applications in addition to water-related applications.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Reports - Includes reports about domestic and industrial wastewater treatment facilities in Florida, including location, treatment capacity, service population, etc.

Watershed Assessment

Marine Data

  • GAME Survey - Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems (GAME)
  • GAME Search - Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems (GAME) - Find Data

External Water Data

DEP is not responsible for the data on these sites. The data are available from servers over which DEP has no control. If you have questions about the data or have trouble accessing it, please contact the responsible agency.


Federal Government

  • EPA STORET - The United States Environmental Protection Agency's water quality database, including data stored since January 1, 1999.
  • EPA Legacy STORET - The United States Environmental Protection Agency's historical water quality database, including data stored before 1999.
  • Other EPA Data - A directory page for accessing a variety of data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • US Geological Survey Florida Data - A directory page for accessing a variety of data related to Florida from the United States Geological Survey.

Last updated: July 07, 2015

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