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Water Data Central has been created to serve as a window on the data, environmental programs, and other useful information and reports about water that are available from the department and its partner environmental and public health agencies. It will continue to evolve as more data sources become available and as more tools are developed for searching the data, analyzing them, graphing them, mapping them, and using them to make better and better environmental decisions to assess, restore, and protect Florida’s unique water resources in the future.

Data – This will take you to a list of linked data sites and sources, both the department’s and those of other agencies, that can be followed to review available water data on a variety of subjects in a variety of formats and, in some cases, to manipulate and download the data.

Programs – This will take you to a list of linked important program sites related to water issues. Many of these same programs are available from the main Water webpage.

State of the Environment – This link will take you to various reports that summarize data, assess water quality and quantity, and otherwise synthesize complex issues into a more comprehensible picture of the state of Florida’s environment. Reports will be added and updated as they become available.

Search by Location - This interactive mapping website enables you to display locations and data layers on a map. It lets you choose the information you want from over 90 layers provided by a variety of programs and partnering agencies. Map layers include DEP regulated facilities, FEMA flood zones, land use / land cover, aerial photography, elevation, USGS quad maps, and many more. You choose the base map, data layers, and special features, and create your own special purpose, custom maps. Additionally, this has powerful analytical tools, like the “Resources-at-Risk” report which identifies environmental concerns and regulated entities within a certain radius of a point you select on the map. The following pages require use of newer browsers that make use of frames and pop-ups, and a high-speed internet connection is recommended. Please upgrade to newer browsers and disable pop-up blocking before proceeding.


Last updated: September 21, 2011

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