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Bioassessment Posters


  • All PC versions of the posters are in ZIP format.
Bioassessment Basics Poster Bioassessment Basics
An introduction to biological monitoring complete with definitions and photos of biologists in action
Aquatic Insect Anatomy Poster

Aquatic Insect Anatomy
An overview on the "parts" that make up aquatic bugs, as well as some information on bug life cycles

Bug Identification Cards

Bug Identification Cards
Use these cards with the bug posters to learn to identify bugs and what they tell us about water quality.

Aquatic Insect Identification Poster

Aquatic Insect Identification
A dichotomous "tree" which kids can use to identify the bugs on the cards available at left

Water Pollution Sources Poster

Water Pollution Sources
A summary of the ways that water becomes polluted with definitions and photos of point and nonpoint sources of pollution

Pointless Personal Pollution Poster

Pointless Personal Pollution
A guide to what you can do to help prevent "pointless personal pollution" in the activities we all do everyday

Best Management Practices Poster

Best Management Practices
An overview of Best Management Practices, or BMPs, that we use to help reduce nonpoint source pollution

Wetland Functions Poster

Wetland Functions
An introduction to what wetlands are, what they do for the environment, what their role is in a watershed and how we, as individuals, can help protect them

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