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Bioassessment Program Fact Sheets


Cover Page   List of Fact Sheets
Factsheet 1   Assessing the Integrity of Surface Waters- A Watershed Approach (201K)
Factsheet 2   Developing an Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) (172K)
Factsheet 3   Water Quality Standards (130K)
Factsheet 4   Biocriteria Committee (43K)
Factsheet 5   Stream Condition Index (SCI)  
Factsheet 6   Bioreconnaissance (BioRecon) (73K)
Factsheet 7   Lake Condition Index (144K)
Factsheet 8   Habitat Assessment (94K)
Factsheet 9   P-Chem Assessment  (80K)
Factsheet 10   Statewide Biological Database (SBIO) (94K)
Factsheet 11   Applications of Biological Assessments in Waterbodies (139K)
Factsheet 12   DEP Programs Which Incorporate Biological Assesssments (132K)
Factsheet 13   Glossary of Bioassessment Terms (118K)
Factsheet 14   For More Information (157K)


For more information please email Nia Wellendorf, or call 850/245-8190.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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