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Corner of Tab Storage Tank and Petroleum Contamination/Cleanup Monitoring

OCULUS 6.1.5 is now available!  Please update your favorites and bookmarks to the new URL for OCULUS 6.1.5.

OCULUS has been made available as a courtesy to the general public.  Please keep in mind that the electronic database for each individual site may not have every paper document available in electronic format at this time.  If you have any questions about documents not in the database please contact Judith Pennington at 850-245-8690.

OCULUS may not be available between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. each day due to database backups.  This database may also be down during undetermined time periods on weekends for preventive maintenance and other technical issues resolution.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are experiencing problems with the new system, please contact servicedesk@dep.state.fl.us.

Information Retrieval Notification

On January 18th, 2002, new guidelines about public access to data via the Internet were recommended. In order to meet these guidelines, the Petroleum Restoration Program has removed data concerning certain facilities from reports available for the public review.

In accordance with the Florida Sunshine laws we will still make this data available to you. Please submit all requests for data by contacting the Records Management Center at (850) 245-8690 or via e-mail to: Judith.A.Pennington@dep.state.fl.us.

Reports Under the Provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 for USEPA

  • Public Records for Underground Storage Tanks (Updated 12/20/16)
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Systems Delivery Prohibition (by County)
    Excel spreadsheet which lists the storage tank facilities where it is lawful to deposit motor fuel into tanks under Ch. 376.3077, FS, and the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005. Information includes: facility identification number, facility name and address, placard issue date, placard number and the total tank count for both underground and aboveground storage tanks related to the placard. Note, more than one placard may be issued to a facility in the same fiscal year if new tanks are subsequently registered and paid, or if a facility account ownership change occurs.

STCM Database Queries

  • Compliance & Enforcement Activity Summary
    Query by county (facility location) and date range.  NOTE:  Use this query only for timeframes prior to 06/30/2006.  The data returned from this query is complete through FY 2004/2005 and a partial representation of data for FY 2005/2006 when tracking of Compliance information transitioned to the FIRST application.  Please contact Roberta Dusky, 850-245-8799, Roberta.Dusky@dep.state.fl.us for Compliance information available from the FIRST application.
    Beginning Feb. 13, 2006 through May 22, 2006 the tracking of Tanks Compliance data was transferred to the FIRST application in a phased deployment to each District.
    South District...............Deployed 2/13/2006
    Northwest District........Deployed 3/13/2006
    Northeast District........ Deployed 4/3/2006
    Central District.............Deployed 4/24/2006
    Southwest District.......Deployed 5/8/2006
    Southeast District........Deployed 5/22/2006
  • Qualified Contractors 
    Query for contractors that are qualified for the Preapproval program.
  • Storage Tank/Contaminated Facility Latitude/Longitude Search 
    Query for facilities that fall within a latitude/longitude radius.
    Select all facilities or those with a reported discharge. 
  • Storage Tank/Contaminated Facility Search I
    Query by facility identification number, name, city, and/or county.
  • Storage Tank/Contaminated Facility Search II
    Query by facility name, street address, city, ZIP code, and/or county.
    Refine data selection with facility type, status, regulation and/or contamination information.

STCM Database Codes List

Excel Spreadsheet Reports

District and County files in Excel Worksheet format are refreshed periodically by staff in the Petroleum Restoration Program.

Need help using Excel?
Please review the How to Get the Most Out of the DEP Public Internet Reports guide [updated 07-13-04].

  • Petroleum Restoration Program Reports
    Files are available for download by district. The common field in each file is the facility identification number. Discharge information and task information must be linked by facility identification numbers and by discharge identification numbers.
  • Storage Tank Facility Information
    Most files are available for download by county. The common field in each file is the facility identification number. 

Last updated: September 07, 2017


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