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  • Brownfields Redevelopment Program Database
    List of reports generated from the Brownfields Access Database which tracks the number of designated brownfield areas, executed brownfield site rehabilitation agreements, state and federal programs funding, and local brownfield coordinators' contact information. The DEP frequently receives requests for information concerning brownfield sites in the State of Florida.
  • Hazardous Waste Handler Search
    This link provides a database query for RCRA regulated facilities by name, address, county, or EPAID. It includes information about facilities' status and compliance and enforcement histories under RCRA. It also includes a mapping component and a feedback link by which to report data errors.
  • Currently Registered Commercial Hazardous Waste Transporters
    This list provides general information on Hazardous Waste Transporters currently registered with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which have indicated that they transport hazardous waste commercially.
  • Currently Registered Used Oil Handlers
    This list provides general information on Used Oil Handlers Registered through June 30th of each year with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  This list does not account for insurance expiration date being passed, as that is updated only upon re-registration which occurs by 30 June of each year.
  • Public Used Oil Collection Centers
    This is a list of collection centers that accept used oil from the public. It is searchable by county, zip code, or city.
  • Registered Handlers of Mercury Containing Lamps and Devices
    This list provides general information on transporters and handlers located in Florida which have registered with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to handle and transport mercury containing lamps and devices destined for recycling.
  • Current Pharmaceutical Waste Transporters
    This list provides general information on Universal Pharmaceutical Waste Transporters which have indicated to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that they transport universal pharmaceutical waste.
  • Drycleaning Facilities All Current Owners (by County)
    [September 5, 2017]
    Excel spreadsheet of the dry cleaning facilities registered with the Department. Information includes facility identification number, site location information, related party (owner) information, and facility type and status. Data is taken from the Storage Tank & Contamination Monitoring database, the registration repository of dry cleaner facility data.
  • Institutional Controls Registry Database
    This list contains sites listed in the department's Institutional Controls Registry (ICR). The ICR was prepared by the department for the department and its districts to assist with tracking those properties upon which an institutional control has been imposed pursuant to the provisions contained in Chapters 376 or 403, F.S. For brownfield sites the ICR has been prepared for the public and local governments to monitor the status of those controls. 
    The information in the ICR summarizes certain data about properties where institutional and engineering controls are used to control exposure and is, therefore, an incomplete analysis of the conditions on these properties. The ICR is periodically updated without notice. Additionally, due to data entry limitations, potential unauthorized access to the data or transmission errors, the ICR may contain errors and should not be exclusively relied upon. The department recommends that you contact the appropriate district or Tallahassee program office for more complete information regarding a property and the institutional control(s) that may be in place.
  • Storage Tank Facility Information

  • Solid Waste Application
  • WACS Solid Waste Facilities Reports  - The following reports can be accessed through this link:
  • Storage Tank and Petroleum Contamination/Cleanup Monitoring
    Database Queries and Excel Reports created from the State Storage Tank and Petroleum Contamination Monitoring (STCM) Database. Information from individual reports can be matched to other reports using the facility identification number.

Last updated: September 07, 2017


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