1. All "recyclable material" needs to be expanded or redefined to include "recovered materials" and DEP should have the authority to add additional materials.

2. Food waste should be added.

3. Class 3 material should be added to C&D that needs to go through a MRF prior to going to a landfill.

4. Material that needs to go through a MRF prior to landfilling (C&D, Class 3) should not be allowed to be flow controlled by a local government. There is value to some of this material.

5. RSM's should be completely sterilized such as petroleum tainted soils, not just random testing, this is where problems have come up. A test sampling does not properly test the complete pile. More uses will be available for the soil, which would then be added to the percentage.

6. Commercial accounts need to be defined as including multifamily/condos above __(4?)__ Number of units in a complex. This will help increase the recycling goal.