1. RSM's- change regs, too many problems with random testing, the soil should be sterilized such as petroleum contaminated soils are so they will have a wider use.
2. Multifamily units should be defined as commercial accounts allowing foe more competition resulting in higher recycling rate.
3. Add class 3 materials to C&D that must be processed prior ro landfilling and add all additional recyclable material to the "recovered material" definition.
4. Incentives for food waste recycling equipment of anything resulting in renewable energy or reuasable materials in tax credits or saving for customers as an incentive.
5. Customers need to save more $ than avoided tipping fees in counties such as Palm Beach that charge a solid waste assement above the tip fee to all property owners. If they are recycling then they are not using the solid waste system and should be rewarded or credited for the non use.