The following comments were received Saturday, 10/24/09 and Sunday 10/25/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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From L.G.
Did the State of Florida cave under pressure from retailers in it's attempt to make this a plastic bagless state? It appears it has.

It is my wish that you reconsider this and help make Florida on par with states such as California. Let's be progressive in our thinking about environmental issues.

Ban the bags!

From R.M.G.
If Publix & WallMart would supply reusable shopping bags that were made in the USA I might consider buying them. All the reusable bags I see for sale are made in China!
I try to support the USA as much as I can NOT China.

From L.C.
I think it would be a hardship on people with low or fixed incomes to have to buy cloth bags. I reuse my plastic bags as well as recycle them. There have been studies that show cloth bags have a high level of bacteria due to leakage, etc. Finally if someone buys a lot of groceries, it could be awkward bringing in 20 cloth bags. I hope you will continue to encourage reuse and cloth bags but not mandate it. Mandates usually mean hardship on either the business or the consumer. I will continue to take my paper bags to the grocery store because I choose to do so. Or find ways to use or recycle the plastic bags I choose to receive.