The following comments were received Saturday, 10/31/09 and Sunday, 11/1/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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From M.B.
I write this email from Miami, Florida. I have stopped using single- use bags since 2008. It in no way affects my visits to retail stores
or the purchases I make, but it definitely affects the environment.
If you look at the law of marginal utility, by using reusable bags we give up nothing in convenience, but we make a big impact on the environment. We save turtles and birds from choking on plastic, but it is also about preventing plastic pollution from creeping up the food chain into our own bodies.

Thank You.

From M.F.
Please ban the use of plastic bags. We need to think about the world as a whole.

From M.H.
Yes, please ban plastic bags. This will help protect our natural resources and make Florida & the world a better place.

From A.E.
Please ban plastic bags in Florida - save our oceans.

From S.S.
I'm all for reducing disposable bag waste.

My trick is a sturdy canvas-and-aluminum shopping basket from ($19.99). It folds flat, so I store it in the back seat of my car and pull it out to take into the stores with me. It's an instant attention-getter; I can't even count how many cashiers have complimented me on it. It also has myriad household uses, as I discovered when packing up my grandmother's house after she passed away. Works great in the library, in farmer's markets, etc., etc.

Only drawback to this model is it only comes in one color: Day-Glo orange.

At least no one has ever tried to steal it.

So my suggestion is, don't confine people to reusable shopping bags. There are also reusable shopping baskets out there; I have seen other baskets at other stores, but Coleman's basket is among the best, in my opinion.

On the other hand, the occasional disposable bag is handy when I'm cleaning the litterbox.