The city of Orlando is very supportive of the current language allowing solid waste used for the production of power to count towards the 75% recycling goal. We believe this is consistent with the Governor's overall strategy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state and encouraging the use of renewable fuels for power production. Using MSW in an advanced thermal conversion process gives you a triple win - 1. it eliminates the need to run a separate pick up day(s) for recyclables, thereby saving fuel and emissions 2. Processing the organic material through a gasifier eliminates the production of methane associated with buried waste. Methane is 21 times more heat retentive than CO2 and landfills are the biggest source of methane in this country. 3. By using MSW to produce power, you are eliminating the need to burn an equivalent amount of a non-renewable source such as natural gas or coal. The combustion of coal produces more CO2 than the combustion of synthesis gas, so you get further CO2 reductions.
We encourage FDEP to retain this language as it helps achieve broader environmental goals.