As an employee in the municipal solid waste and recycling field, I would like to offer the some recommendations on how to reach the 75% recycling goal.

We currently work very hard to recycle as much as possible. As a municipality we educate our residents and school children through many mediums including school visits, TV PSA's, e-newsletters, summer camp presentations and many other ways. The difficulty that I encounter frequently is that children and their parents want to recycle but the infrastructure is lacking. Therefore, please understand that the emphasis of my recommendation involves the PRIORITIZATION of the recommendations. I think infrastructure is by far the most important project that our time, energy and money should be spent on. If there is infrastructure in place, meaning viable markets for recyclable materials, processing capabilities, and hauling capacity, then those who are already educated will have a place to take their materials. Many muncipalities, counties, private industry, and non-profits have spent countless dollars and time developing recycling education. I am not advocating that we stop educating but I am advocating that any programs at the state level including funding focus on infrastructure. I believe the education is most sucessful on the local level and I think state funds and time should not be spent on developing yet another coloring book or kids recycling website. We have enough already. FOCUS ON INFRASTRUCTURE AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT.