The following comments were received Friday, 10/30/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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From M.Y.
Please!!! No more plastic bags at retail establishments in Florida!!!

From S.H.
To Whom it may Concern,
Plastic bags are simply unnecessary! Everyday while at a variety of stores I see people just like me using material reusable bags. I feel good using my reusable bags knowing that I am not contributing to the plastic waste cult! My bags are from all over- TIB Bank, Target, Publix, Walmart, National Parks, Sweet Vine Youth Center, Bed Bath & Beyond and more. On a day where I forget my bag I often elect to carry my new purchase in my hands where in simply two seconds it would be in my car! There other day while shopping a Marshalls on Lake Worth Blvd. I bought two small pillows and told the sales associate that I would carry them- no need for a bag. She sincerely looked at me and said " Thank you, for not wasting another plastic bag." I am not alone in FLorida. Thousands od Floridians care about preserving our resources and not being wastful. At the very least if we cannot BAN PLASTIC BAGS we should at least start charging for each plastic bag used. This will help to encourage others to not use bags unecessarily. Please help Florida to become good stewards of the environment. We citizens try hard but we need the help of our state legislators to truely make an impact. We the people ask those in office to Ban Plastic Bags.

From G.D.
Please consider banning these environmentally unfriendly bags. European countries are already banning these hazards to animals and the environmental. Please approve legislation to ban the plastic bags