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I would like to comment on the recycling goal. There are many states that I recall who are charging businesses, hotels, condominiums and apartments when the tenants and businesses are NOT recycling. There are TRASH POLICE who go through garbage of residence and charge a fine on both business and residential. This fine can keep the TRASH POLICE funded. Now along with the increased revenue from the fines it can be used to reimburse those who do recycle 100%. And it can keep the program operating. Since we are a tourism state...the only way to keep aluminum cans, plastic soda bottles and glass beverage bottles out of the trash and into recycling is to have a bottle deposit law in effect. There are 11 states that have a bottle deposit law. Pay as you throw is another things but to enforce it you need to have TRASH POLICE as well. This can be funded with fines.

I believe we should work more on recycling efforts and education before we should incinerate our garbage for energy. Every day we incinerate aluminum cans and glass bottles. Please take a look at

Michael Randall