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    The following comments were received Friday, 10/23/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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    From C.G.
    I think reducing the use of disposable plastic bags is a great idea. I have been using mesh and cloth type shopping bags for about 20 years. I would take them shopping and
    cashiers would look at me in amazement trying to figure out what to do with them.
    I became known as "the Earth mother". My children (now a junior and a freshman at UF)
    grew up watching me use these bags. When my daughter started college I purchased
    several large cloth bags for her (from Joann's Fabric store) and she uses them everytime she shops.
    When shopping if I only purchase one item I always say, "I don't need a bag". I figure
    it's one less bag to dispose of.
    Many years ago I discovered another simple thing to do. I purchased inexpensive, plastic
    dress bags to take to the dry cleaners and have them bag my clothes in. It saves on
    all those bags they put over your clothing.
    In the event I do get a plastic bag when shopping I always take them back to a store that
    recycles bags.

    From A.C.
    It seems that I have been misinformed, I was under the impression that as required by Section 403.7033, Florida Statutes the DEP would generate an unbiased, objective report on the necessity and impact of the plastic bag plague. Now I read, however, that the DEP, under pressure from retailers and plastic bag manufacturers, has withdrawn it’s draft report. What a shame, but it was not unexpected. Legislators and regulatory agencies in the state of Florida are renowned for their subservience to lobbyists and special interest groups; why should the DEP be any different.

    Plastic bags are one of the most environmentally detrimental inventions of the industrial age. It should be a no brainer to recommend that steps be taken to curtail the manufacture, distribution and use of plastic bags. One has only to walk or drive along the roads and streets of this state and see the millions and millions of bags that litter every corner and cranny, collect in our shrubbery, and pollute our environment. One has only to look in our garbage to see the thousands of tons of bags that go to our landfills. But will the DEP open it’s collective eyes? I doubt it.

    From L.P.
    Years ago I swore off plastic bags & carry reusable ones in my car & truck. I would really like to see FL start charging for them or better yet, stop letting them be used. In some places you are charged 5 or 10 cents to use one. In CT we used to get 5 cent credit in the grocery stores for each bag we brought in. Florida's wildlife are particularly endangered by these bags, because of the wind & water in this state.
    California has similar coastal issues & wildlife. If they can do it, why can't Florida. Now Texas is another whole issue. I'd like to see Florida, at least, do better than Texas!
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