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Dear Sir or M’am:

I read with much interest the comments of the Heart of Florida Solid Waste Working Group and Curbside Value Partnership and would like to ask a couple of questions.

1) Will the state consider lowering the 600ton minimum criteria for certified recyclers in order to capture more data?
2) Will the state be writing regulations to require certified recyclers to report and, if so, how will the regulations be enforced and who would be responsible for enforcing the regulations?
3) If new materials are to be added in order to achieve the goal, will the state assist Counties with easy access to markets for those materials? Will the state assist with that same easy access to markets for the anticipated increase in currently established recycled materials?
4) If the state goal is an average of 75%, what percent each County will be required to achieve?
5) This goal may lead many Counties to the need to expand all aspects of their current recycling infrastructure. What will the state provide assist counties in this needed expansion?

I’d be interested in any information you can offer. Thank you.

Jennifer L. Seney, FMN, FMG
Recycling Coordinator
Utilities Fiscal Services
New Port Richey, FL