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Hello, thanks for the opportunity to comment on the Florida recycling goal. Let me also congratulate you on the idea for having public input, and the overall goal of increasing recycling.

There is a fundamental problem today with how we dispose of waste. That problem is the ability to throw anything away with no consequence. Unfortunately, many don't realize there are many products that cannot be thrown away. Many countries have a very effective system to capture waste properly, which will significantly reduce the amount needing to be land-filled.

So here are my recommendations:

1) Significantly reduce the size of the waste bin used to dispose of household trash.
2) Charge more for each waste bin so that the cost of disposing trash is actually covered.
3) Require trash be sorted a minimum of three ways: compost, recycling, and then "other".
4) Pick up compost one or two times weekly.
5) Pick up recycling less often, perhaps twice per month.
6) Pick up "other" once per month.
7) If recycling can be co-mingled, great. If not, charge extra for those not willing to separate their trash.
8) Yardwaste should be separate from compost, and would be a fourth pick-up.

There are many similar programs that operate today. Please see how Germany handles their waste stream for an excellent example to work toward.


Michael Butler