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    Default Public Comments Received 11/23/09-11/25/09

    The following comments were received Monday, 11/23/09 through Wednesday, 11/25/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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    From M.D.
    I am an average shoppers who would like to see plastic bags banned-I hate seeing them blowing in the wind or down the street to who knows where ... maybe fences and trees from which I see them hanging and looking ugly, maybe to the beach and into the water where they do damage to sea life, or worse of all to a young child who suffocates with it over their head. Go back to paper bags but keep pushing the use of cloth bags the cheapest containers in the long run and best for the environment!

    From G.R.
    The environmental cost of using millions of free plastic shopping bags is too much to bear. They are a threat to wildlife, particularly in our waterways and oceans, and they litter our landscapes.

    Floridians CAN change their habits. They ARE capable of adopting the habit of providing their own shopping bags or paying a fee if they need one from a store. Other countries do it--so can we.

    It's unwise to produce the millions of single-use plastic bags that end up in the outdoors, in the landfill, or in the recycling bin. The practical and responsible approach is to eliminate the need to produce them in the first place.

    In the end, businesses will be glad not to have the expense of providing and recycling plastic bags.
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