The following e-mail was received Monday 12/21/09 and is listed without editing.
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From: All American Paper
To: retail bags
Subject: Opposing to the band of paper bags

To whom it may concern:

In reference to your recommendations, please be advice that I am opposing to the recommendation of banding the paper bags. I am a small business owner that manufactures paper bags in south Florida. My lively hood is at stake if your recommendations are enforce into a law. I certainly agree with your department when it comes to ensuring that we provide a better environment, but there are many other issues that need to be taken into account for example how much you will be adding to the impact of the economy when you are jeopardizing companies such as myself.

70% of the economy of this country is based on small business. Before concentrating in banding the paper bags please concentrate in other hazardous products such plastic who is the #1 environmental hazardous as it takes over 100 years to degrade vs. paper. There are many other way to continue to produce paper without harming the environment for example utilizing more recycle paper and trying to educate the public specially the end users that are accustom to utilize prime from the mills. I am constantly trying to encourage my distributors to utilize my recycle paper vs the prime but because of the lock of education it has been a very hard task to compete with the companies that do provide the end user with virgin paper.

May be if you give grants to does companies who are constantly ensuring that we need to be part of a better environment. I would like to share a story, for the past 4 months I have been trying to certify my company as green but it is so costly that it makes it easier not to. I am almost sure that if grants are given more small business will certify themselves.

I am extremely concern about your recommendations since i have invested my life saving in my company and it is now that I am opening the doors with some of the large distributors like I said it will be detrimental to my business and to myself.

I would really appreciate if my concerns are heard.

Sincerely yours