Posted on behalf of Ron Henricks. The following is Mr. Henricks' response (originally sent via e-mail) to the questions posed by Ms. Seney.
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Good to hear from you. Thanks for your questions. I’ll repeat them and follow each one with my response.

(1) Will the state consider lowering the 600 ton minimum criteria for certified recyclers in order to capture more data?

Answer: I assume you are referring to the annual minimum tonnage at which recovered materials dealers are required to report their data to DEP. We are willing to consider lowering that minimum tonnage, but only if it can be shown that substantially more data will indeed be captured by doing so. At this writing, we are unaware of any information that would support that change. From what we can tell, only a very small amount of recovered materials do not eventually get processed through recovered materials dealers doing over 600 tons per year.

(2) Will the state be writing regulations to require certified recyclers to report and, if so, how will the regulations be enforced and who would be responsible for enforcing the regulations?

Answer: The state wrote regulations back in 1995. Those regulations require certified recovered materials dealers to report. DEP is responsible for enforcement. As far as we know, there is a high compliance rate. If you are having problems with any recovered materials dealers reporting, please feel free to contact us to help resolve the problems. More details about the regulations can be found here:

(3) If new materials are to be added in order to achieve the goal, will the state assist Counties with easy access to markets for those materials? Will the state assist with that same easy access to markets for the anticipated increase in currently established recycled materials?

Answer: If you asking will the state provide financial assistance to try to increase markets for recyclable materials, then the current law and the current state budget make no specific mention of such financial assistance. Please share your thoughts with us about what kind of assistance for easy access to markets you would like to see. Also, do you perceive access to markets as more of a limiting factor than local recycling collection and processing infrastructure?

(4) If the state goal is an average of 75%, what percent each County will be required to achieve?

Answer: As the law is currently written, there is no specific percentage requirement on any county or city. Do you think there should be such a requirement? Please share your thoughts with us about it.

(5) This goal may lead many Counties to the need to expand all aspects of their current recycling infrastructure. What will the state provide assist counties in this needed expansion?

Answer: As the current law and current state budget is written, there is no financial assistance provided by the state to local governments to help them expand their current recycling infrastructure. Do you think the state should provide such assistance? Do you have any thoughts as to what would be a reasonable amount for your county?

I hope this information is useful to you. I look forward to any additional thoughts you may have per some of the questions I asked above.