I’m going to clarify my comments I made August 4th at the public meeting.

1) Protection and support from the state. This does not mean money or grants. To make it clear what I am asking for I’ll say this: My local government is trying to chase my company out and is making it very difficult to get recoverable materials that are ending up in our landfills. I was even told I’m not allowed on public roads with recovered materials. I collect materials you would find in curbside programs from people that ARE NOT ALLOWED to use curbside because they’re in a multi-family complex that doesn’t want to deal with the problems of a centralized recycling program.

2) Marketing and education. Education is ok but when it comes to multi-family complexes, or Florida in general, we have so many snowbirds and vacationers that getting to them with education is very unlikely and expensive. That’s why I said marketing, make them want something (most already do) and then sell it to them. This is the fair way to sustainability, not taxing. People will spend the money they make(willingly) on those that have the best offer/marketing. Also, not everyone wants to recycle that’s a fact, forcing them to recycle or to pay higher taxes will just cause problems that drag on.

3) Bottle bill. Over all a good idea, it could very likely put me out of business and I’m ok with that. I’m also ok with it putting some scrap metalers out of business too, cause if they depend on the poor or elderly to bring in a bag of cans to stay in business they had a weak business plan to start with.