This thread discusses the evaluation of how financial assistance can best be provided to municipalities and counties in support of their recycling efforts.

As a School District recycling program, I would like to recommend that financial assistance also be offered to School Districts that would like to start or improve upon their recycling programs. The funding could be used for education, marketing, puchasing recycling containers and processing equipment, and developing new ways for School Districts to recycle. The District School Board of Pasco County adds on average 1,700 tons of recyclable materials to the counties total. We have over 68,000 students and over 10,000 employees. We are the largest employer in our county.

Many other School Districts in the state would benfit from financial assistane to enhance their recycling efforts. I feel that if the funding is provided for just municipalities and counties it may not reach School Districts.

Thank You,
Karen Bryant
Recycling Coordinator
The District School Board of Pasco County