We are excited to see Florida taking this major step towards waste reduction and diversion. We are in agreement with DEP and as well as virtually all the plans we have read on this site that any solution must include Pay As You Throw.
Our company, WasteZero, is solely dedicated to PAYT programs. We currently service nearly 2.5 million customers and have run programs for over 15 years.
We feel it is important to clear up a few misconceptions regarding PAYT or more specifically our WasteZero System.
1. There are no start-up costs for our program. We even provide free public forums and impact analysis.
2. Acceptance by communities is generally challenging but once implemented, we have a 100% success rate. Rolled out correctly it will not fail.
3. We will guarantee a revenue stream to meet your budgetary needs.
4. Our system works within your existing framework. Whether curbside or drop-off or manual/automated. There are no capital costs are required ---- except in some cases where additional recycling infrastructure is needed.
5. Not all systems are the same (EPA says 17-23% waste reduction),we average 43% waste reduction after the first month so we can move dramatically towards 75% goal. These results are sustainable as our older municipal partners have 15 years of results.
6. We offer a complete turnkey solution.
7. It is ideal for enterprise funds because it is fairer, more efficient and meets/moves towards environmental goals.
8. Illegal Dumping has never been a serious issue for our municipal partners.
We are currently working on impact analysis for 4 Florida enterprise funds and look forward to the on-going discussion.
Ruth Sheeley @ WasteZero