The following comments were received Wednesday, 12/02/09 through Saturday, 12/5/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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From H.J.K.
Dear Mr. Sole:
Plastic bags should be banned in Florida retail stores as has been done in 13 other states for the following reasons:

1. It takes decades for plastic bags to degrade.
2. The manufacturing of plastic bags creates enormouse greenhouse gas emissions.
3. Visually, plastic bags are polluting. I've travelled to other countries where "natural" areas are seen as decorated with plastic bags on bushes, sharp objects, and even grasses.
4. Floridians already use recyclable bags such as supplied at Publix. It would take little incentive to make this a habit.

Thank you for listening.

From G.M.D.
Its time to enact a NO PLASTIC BAGS regulation in Florida!

From M.R.
I am wondering if the retail industry is supporting this effort. It would be another way for them to cut costs. Walmart should support this. I do believe that many retailers and grocery stores would favor a fee on bags. I do believe it should be a fee and not a tax. Fees does not sound like another added tax. I support Florida's effort to curtail plastic and paper bags.