The following comments have been submitted by Ken Whitehead, P.E., Director of the Marion County Solid Waste Department.
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Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the 75% Recycling Goal. As the Marion County Solid Waste Director, I offer the following comments:

1. If the goal remains at 75%, it should be a diversion and recycling goal, not just a recycling goal.
2. How will we pay for this? If grants are used, when the grants go away, it becomes an unfunded mandate.
3. We need markets first (e.g. glass)
4. The $1/ton tax will give South Georgia landfills a competitive edge (especially if the $1/ton disposal tax increases over time).
5. Landfill gas to energy should count towards the goal.

Ken Whitehead, P.E., Director
Marion County Solid Waste Department