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Dear DEP:

Congratulations on establishing a realistic but forward-looking goal of 75% recycling. This is precisely the direction in which our country's solid waste policy needs to move. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves energy, generates jobs, and saves money. If Florida truly manages to divert 75% of waste away from disposal, it will be a guide to the rest of the country.

However, it has come to my attention that, under the current proposal, incineration would count as recycling. This is absolutely a mistake and should be taken out of the proposal. First of all, it is a perversion of the English language; recycling is recycling, and incineration is incineration. Second, incineration achieves none of the desirable goals of recycling -- reduced pollution, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased jobs, better sustainability. On the contrary, it will actually cause the reverse. Please remove the Orwellian re-definition of incineration from this proposal.


Neil Tangri