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    The following comments were received Thursday, 10/29/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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    From F.V.
    I am very concerned about the issue of plastic bags in our state. I see the havoc they create in our eco systems and the headaches they create in our waterways and landfills.

    I want our state to be the first to ban plastic bags. We can lead by example and begin a movement by taking meaningful steps to saving our environment.

    I want the DEEP to take a strong stance against the use of plastic bags by making illegal to use them in the state of Florida. Asking the public to bring their own reusable bags to the grocery store is not asking them to change by much. It can be done. I have not used a plastic bag in 2 years.

    I am an educator who sponsors an environmental club. My 4th and 5th graders have been writing local commissioners and mayors to support the ban of bags in our state for the past tow years . These local leaders have directed them to write to the legislature directly. Will you show our students that you will do the right thing?

    From K.V.
    Please give serious consideration to a ban on plastic bags in Florida. Many other states and even developing nations have done it and have seen only benefit. We depend upon the health and beauty of the environment greatly in our tourism-dependent economy and simple measures to protect that beauty should always be taken advantage of.

    From B.P.
    Add my vote to eliminate plastic bags of any and all types possible!

    From J.P.
    I just want to say that I really hope that this passes! I have been screaming for years to anyone who would listen, that plastic bags NEED to be banned! Please, oh please BAN PLASTIC BAGS!

    From L.S.
    We don't need the cheap plastic bags! Florida is one of the most wasteful places I have ever lived! These bags are not allowed in many countries around the world and we do not need them here.

    If we teach our children, as I was taught, to bring a bag to do your shopping we'll create a habit for a lifetime.

    From S.B.
    Please ban all plastic bags.
    If the supermarkets would encourage us to bring our own bags we would just like the people in Europe do and in other countries in the world.

    From S.G.
    ban plastic grocery bags in FLA

    From R.S. and L.S.
    As residents of Fl. and summer residents of CT, we encourage you to pass this legislation. We have a bottle bill in CT which has greatly reduced litter and broken glass and we try to always have our reusable bags with us. Super markets in CT are on board and give us a 5 cent return on every reusable bag we fill with our groceries.
    Let's not let big business dictate.
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