The following comments were received Monday, 10/26/09. These comments have been compiled without editing.
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From L.K.
Long ago I stopped allowing stores to put my stuff in plastic bags and insisted on paper. We KNEW PLASTIC in the landfill was not good!
Surprisingly our City Council when changing garbage pick up told us garbage was not to be dumped in barrels loose, but "bagged and tied"
which to me meant only plastic and I've refused to do that. I have gone to cloth bags for shopping completely now and rarely ask for paper BUT paper bags have many other good uses and can be easily recycled within our own living space and I'd be lost without paper bags. For instance for years we covered the children's school books with the brown paper bags (ever since the Great Depression years). What do we have to do, go out and buy book covers, that will probably be plastic?

That is just one example but without paper bags I'm afraid many will come up with something else just as environmentally harmful - or worse. I suggest doing away with plastic, strongly encouraging the use of cloth bags, but allowing for paper which is more easily recycable in many different ways.

From M.G.
Please ban plastic bags.