In a perfect world, everyone would immediate start carrying reusable bags to the store and refusing plastic bags. But it's not a perfect world, and people change their behavior fastest when it affects their pocketbook. For this reason, I'm in support of charging for plastic bags. The charge should increase over time and eventually, plastic bags should not be provided at all.

The long-term goal of this and other behavioral changes should be zero waste. We must learn to divert and disassemble everything we discard for reusable materials. It will take a few generations to get to that point, but we can't continue down the same unsustainable path we are on.

Like the Indian saying goes: We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

And we, US residents, are borrowing far too many resources. That's got to change. For this and so many other environmental reasons, the elimination of plastic bags is a crucial step.