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This page was designed to Improve the decision making process regarding selected remedies, and identify the critical components of a thorough and efficient assessment by recognizing trends and problem areas.

Electronic Submittal of Documents

Missing GIS Data Submittals

Current Data Dictionary
Effective August 28, 2008

Sample Nomenclature:
The Data Dictionary no longer requires the explicit sample nomenclature, identified in the earlier versions; however if you intend to use a different scheme, please contact Bill Linn to assure it meets his requirements for ease of SAR review.

Data Checker & Instructions
Effective July 1, 2001

GIS Data Download

The GIS data submitted and approved is available for download as a Zip file in three formats: (*.dmp for transfer to Oracle, *.mdb for MS Access97, and *.txt). To download, click on the file, select save (to your computer), and unzip the file.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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