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The Office of District and Business Support provides technical review and support services to the Department's Waste Cleanup Program in Tallahassee and the district offices. These services include professional consultation on all aspects of site assessment, risk assessment and remedial action for the Program's government funded cleanup programs, the district waste cleanup enforcement and voluntary programs, cross over issues in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and solid waste programs, as well as for the Department's land management programs when they are dealing with questions about actual or potential contamination. The section also includes the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) site screening group. The CERCLA Site Screening group, conducts CERCLA site assessments on sites with confirmed or suspected contamination to document whether a release of hazardous substances has occurred and to evaluate potential threats to nearby receptors.

For more information contact:
Brian Dougherty
Phone: (850) 245-7503
Email: Brian.Dougherty@dep.state.fl.us
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Waste Management
Office of District and Business Support
2600 Blair Stone Road MS 4535
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400

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Waste Cleanup Topic Index

Waste Cleanup Program Guidance

Below is a list of historical waste cleanup program guidance documents that have been partly, or completely replaced by Chapter 62-777 "Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels" and other rules listed above under Waste Management Rules. These documents are provided for historical reference only and generally do not apply to current cleanups. Please refer to 62-780.150(4) F.A.C. for information on applicability of superseded CTLs.

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Risk Assessment Scenarios

Note: the following scenarios are provided solely as references to assist risk assessors in developing alternative risk-based exposure scenarios for the development of alternative cleanup target levels. This list is provided for informational use only and inclusion of a scenario here does not imply that DEP has ‘approved’ these scenarios for use in all cases. The use of a particular set of exposure assumptions, even when based upon one of these scenarios, must always be justified for use at a particular site. Similarly, risk assessors are always free to propose alternative parameters or parameter values to those used in the scenarios listed and to present different alternative scenarios as site conditions warrant. These scenarios are not part of chapter 62-780, F.A.C., cannot be enforced and in no way limit or constrain the proposal or use of other scenarios. Note also that use of an alternative scenario for risk-based closure of a site may also require the use of institutional or engineering controls.

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Risk Assessment References

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Special Site Classes

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Waste Management Rules

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Links to Other Environmental Resources

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Last updated: July 21, 2017

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