A PSA includes a review of a site’s regulatory status, operational history, potential impacts to public health and the environment, and, if available, a summary of contaminants detected at the site with the comparative state standards or cleanup target levels. A PSA checklist will be submitted to EPA for each site completed. PSAs will include a preliminary Hazard Ranking System (HRS) score. This checklist format allows for a detailed review of each site and allows a more accurate evaluation of the Pre-Remedial future of the site. The PSAs will be completed for sites identified through citizen complaints, referrals from local governments, FDEP compliance and enforcement, and other regulatory programs.

The EPA’s Pre-CERCLIS Screening Assessment report was developed to evaluate sites for possible placement into the CERCLIS inventory. The PSAs streamline the site assessment process by identifying NPL caliber sites that may require federal response actions or placement on the NPL. The PSAs also help prevent inclusion of sites into CERCLIS that are being managed by other governmental programs.