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Section Financial Assurance Forms as referenced
in Chapter 62-710
Effective Date
62-701.900(5)(a) Solid Waste Facility Irrevocable Letter of Credit 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(b) Solid Waste Facility Financial Guarantee Bond 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(c) Solid Waste Facility Performance Bond 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(d) Solid Waste Facility Insurance Certificate 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(e) Solid Waste Facility Financial Test 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(f) Solid Waste Facility Corporate Guarantee 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(g) Solid Waste Facility Trust Fund Agreement 08/12/12
62-701.900(5)(h) Solid Waste Facility Standby Trust Fund Agreement 08/12/12

» The above forms are also available from the Waste Management 62-710 Forms Page «

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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